Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule”

“It is your duty to provide for your family. It is not an option!” Grant Cardone

During these times when so many people feel that the government owes them a certain standard of living it is refreshing to come across such a clear and powerful voice for personal responsibility, integrity and accountability as is heard in the pages of Grant Cardone’s latest book, “The 10X Rule.”

Grant’s message that it is our moral and ethical responsibility to succeed leaps off the page and penetrates the heart, convicting the reader about his or her own inaction and abdication of responsibility.  It is this powerful challenge that sets this “sales or business success” book apart from all other motivational essays.  Grant dives beneath the typical “how to” formulas of other authors and attacks the heart of the problem for must people who feel as if they are stuck in mediocrity – he challenges the commitment of the reader to his or her own success!

What is also refreshing is that “The 10X Rule” is equally relevant to all aspects of our lives, not just financial success.  If you have the talent to be a musician then Grant challenges you to take “massive action” to use that talent as God intended.  No more complaints, excuses or whining, “No Negativity!”  Success is a responsibility and if you are not committed to that success then you have no standing to complain about your situation.

Anyone reading “The 10X Rule” is encouraged to look beyond the “business success” applications and look into their own resistance to achieving personal success, in any area of their lives.  What keeps you locked in a constant state of “less than?”  What excuses are you making for not achieving success?  Who are you blaming and why?  What prevents you from making the commitment to yourself and your family to take “Massive Action” to achieve success?  This is the genius of this book and the wisdom offered by Grant Cardone.

Most motivational books are all rah rah and light on what is really necessary to achieve success.  “The 10X Rule” presented by Grant provides the reader a simple and straightforward outline for achieving success in any given field.  If you follow Grant’s plan you cannot fail because it isn’t a formulae it’s a interpersonal transformation.  Most motivational authors deal with the outward aspects of success, Grant cuts to the heart of the matter, the commitment of the individual!  Grant pulls back the cultural curtain of motivation and sales training to expose the underlying interpersonal forces that keep most locked in their middle class, average lives.  This insight provides any person who truly understands the plan laid out by Grant to have an authentic chance to succeed – Because the answer isn’t in the book, it’s in your heart and soul!

If you have that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life, or if you need a kick in the pants to get you on the road to success then pick up “The 10X Rule” and make a commitment to yourself, to accept Grant’s challenge that success is your ethical responsibility.


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One Response to Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule”

  1. sonicsonline says:

    Look like another good one. I enjoyed Sell to Survive.

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