Post 20: Goodbye MobileMe, Hello WordPress!

Friends and Family:

Recently Apple made the decision to eliminate the subscription  MobileMe  service in favor of iCloud which will be free and won’t provide any web hoisting.  I’m both disappointed and excited about this shift.  I’m excited because iCloud promises to provide greater flexibility and accessibility to photos, music and documents and did I point out that it’s free?  I’m disappointed about losing the tight integration between iWeb (where I authored the blog), iPhotos (images) and hosting on MobileMe.  It was powerful and seamless like most Apple products.

Once I learned of the policy shift I started to investigate alternatives for creating and hosting this blog.  Finding a suitable alternative is becoming more important to me because I plan to increase my blog posts (establish a regular schedule) and I’m working on two projects that I plan to launch via separate blogs and related social networks.  My research has resulted in trying (not as my new blogging vehicle.

WordPress is nice in that the authoring and the hoisting are handled within a single program.  I looked at other programs, Blogger for one, but WordPress seems to provide an interface I can relate too and the opportunity to expand service once my projects come online.  If anyone has any direct experience with WordPress or any other blog system I’d appreciate hearing from you.  There’s never any substitute for direct experience.

I’ll be transferring my previous posting to WordPress so your patience is appreciated regarding the redundant entries.  I hope to have my most current post up later today with new entries posted every two weeks (Oh I love deadlines).

Thanks again and may God bless your lives.

Bob Petersen


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