The Undefeated

Sarah Palin.

They say that when you write you need to have your first sentence provoke a strong reaction from the reader.  You want to grab their attention so they continue to read your piece.  Well I’m certain that starting off with “Sarah Palin” prompted a strong reaction in most readers, just not sure they’ll do any more than hit the delete key!

What I’d like for you to gain from this movie review, and why I’d encourage you to put aside your prejudices about Mrs. Palin and watch the film, is an awareness of the radical, uninformed and unaccountable thirst for character assassination in this country.  I ask that you watch the new documentary, “The Undefeated” by Stephen K. Bannon, not to change your mind about Sara Palin, no I’m interested in changing your thinking about how this society attacks people without facts or substance.

I’d like to know how anyone could watch the first five minutes of this documentary and not come away with anything other than a total disgust for the media and the uninformed who will say anything they want regardless of the truth or the impact.  Regardless of how much you might disagree with the policies and political positions of Mrs. Palin there is absolutely no justification for the vile and reprehensible attacks that have been made against her and continue to be projected on her today.

This is the brilliance of this film as it contrasts the vicious attacks made against Mrs. Palin and her family with the political life, a life dedicated to successfully fighting crony capitalism and unethical government practices.  A focused and intentional effort to help the citizens of Alaska played against the backdrop of hysterical character assassination.

Sure this is a biased film, what film isn’t?  However, the creator doesn’t shy away from the criticisms of Mrs. Palin and clearly presents her unvarnished reasons for doing what she did (resigning her governorship for example).

I strongly urge you to watch “The Undefeated.”  It is a well done and enlightening look into the world of big time politics and what the consequences are if a good person decides to play in that arena.  Aside from once again being moved by the spirit, faith, character and courage of this remarkable woman I was left with the disturbing realization that the public journey to elected office, especially at the national level, is too dangerous and too vicious for many good citizens to undertake.  And the entire country, Left, Right and Center, is worse off because we don’t have these good people representing us.


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